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If you've been following along with the fighting game community for some time, no doubt, you've heard about the rise of fighting gamer player, laugh.  laugh decided that we needed a reliable solid joystick out for the community instead of difficult to obtain and sometimes overpriced mass produced sticks..  Besides dedicating himself to being a top contender in the game, he also contributes by helping out with the community.  His customer service is top notch and 2nd to none.  I have to say, the joysticks were designed and hand mounted with love.  They utilize the professional tools of destruction, paired with a few different internal components and box design that put the Omni in front of some top mass produced competitors.


Back at the lab, I got to test it out.  Xbox360 much?  How about PS3?  And why not complete the trifecta and allow PC?  You get all that in one amazing stick.  And how about Sanwa or Crown buttons and joysticks?  You are actually allowed choices!  Inside the case is a Joytron Paewang Revolution PCB and many top stick builders are utitilizing the Joytron PCB for it's reliability.  Need to switch consoles?  Just hold down the turbo button when plugging it into the console and it'll save the last console used as default.  Simple and efficient in a box.

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As you can see, there's plenty of space to mod and make the joystick something of your own.  Or just keep it  from factory and play it how it is.  No complaints in this department.  The wiring is easily accessible and nicely organized.  No worries of crimping or knocking any wires loose.

The Omni will come in two renditions: the Korean Edition (KR) and Sanwa Editioin (SE).  If you've experienced Sanwa buttons, then they can be described as the "Rick Flair"** of noisy buttons at times due to their hollow echo when tapping the plunger.  Playing and mashing out at 3AM will wake up the neighbors and most importantly, girlfriend and family members.  Enter Crown buttons which I thought were more like my man, "Undertaker"**. The Crown buttons emit muffled clicks that actually sound 50% quieter than Sanwa buttons.  All business and better yet, no complaints from the wifey!  Crown CWB203A buttons are approximately 7mm less in width compared to Sanwa OSBF-30(mm).  These are highly responsive buttons that are used in the majority of arcade cabs around Korea.  Korea is serious about their Tekken.  The KR joysticks feature Myoungshin Fanta joysticks.  Highly regarded and have great response on them as they use a rubber grommet to give tension to the joystick.

That's not to talk down the Sanwa Denshi parts.  They're tried and true.  They're a J&J favorite and have always performed their best.  The Sanwa Edition arcade stick uses the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK and there's no short cuts in parts.  It's layed in a vewlix-style layout to be more universal for most players.  If your sticks to mimic the arcades, then 6 buttons are the way to go.  8 buttons are a no-no around here and 7 is even a stretch.  We only had one button plug for the Korean Edition!

It is scheduled to be released at the end of August.
Pre-order it now! Omni: Arcade Stick
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**WWF character references.  I miss my childhood.

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