Monday, September 19, 2011

Devastation 2011

Devastation is Arizona's largest gaming convention/tournament/tradeshow/event.  They're host to video gaming, artists, exhibitors, cosplay and many other guests!

Please check out the Devastation Event website for further details.  J&J Super Modding will be there to showcase some awesome new sticks and help our gaming community to reach all consoles and PCs.

Please use the code "MODS" to save $5 from your ticket to attend.


  1. Greetings! At the end of Devastation we met up and traded some statues (Monkey Island by Symbiote Studios) for modding a joystick for us and gave the address to send it to. We haven't heard back from anyone or received anything. Please contact me, I would still really like that joy stick :)

  2. Very very glad that you commented this.
    Your PS3 TE was done when we got back from Devastation.

    The shipping address was lost.
    We sent an e-mail to Symbiote Studios.
    Hoping that someone would reply to us, but did not receive anything back.

    We contacted Robb of Devastation.
    But he did not have your guy's information.

    We would really like to ship back your TE.
    Send your address to e-mail.

  3. Sa-weet! I am excite! Thanks so much.